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Dakhla Kiteboarding World Cup

LOCATION : Dakhla Attitude Hotel, Dakhla , Morocco
REGISTRATION : Online registration fee for this event is $130 and it is due by Mar-12-2013. Late registration or onsite registration will incurr a $25 late fee.

New Riders create your logging HERE

Organisers: PKRA & Association Dakhla Lagoon

PR Manager
Mehdi Ouhazza

OL Consulting

Agence conseil en communication d'influence
54, Rue Oum Rabia N°3 - Agdal - Rabat
Tél / Fax : +212 (0) 537 77 96 81





Sponsors Dakhla 2013

PRIZE MONEY : $47000
DATES : Mar-19-2013 --- Mar-24-2013


2011 - Youri Zoon
2012 - Youri Zoon


2011 - Gisela Pulido
2012 - Bruna Kajiya

TOUR DISCIPLINES : Freestyle, Wave

Dakhla has flights from Casablanca (Monday – Wednesday – Friday and Saturday) operated only by Royal Air Maroc. All mayor cities around the world have flights to Casablanca. It is easy to get a connection flight in Casablanca to Dakhla the same day. The flight back from Dakhla to Casablanca is at night, which obligates the connection to any mayor city on a +1 day.  The closest hotel to Casablanca airport is ATLAS AIRPORT HOTEL which offers a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel and back. Detailed information about transport to Dakhla, please CLICK here!.

In Dakhla the transport form the airport to Dakhla Attitude Hotel and back to the airport is included in the price for the lodging. For any specific transport or extra services Dakhla Attitude can arrange any special request on demand. For this please contact Klaus Warkentin ( / +212 661 665 867)

There is a free transport service for competitors from Dakhla airport to the Dakhla Attitude camp (competition site)


Dakhla Attitude offers many different kind of accommodations. We have 7 superior bungalows (for up to 3 clients each), 52 Dragon Camp bungalows (for up to 3 clients each), 10 Windhunter Double bungalows (for up to 3 clients each) and 12 Bedouine tents (for up to 2 clients each).

Special Prices for Riders:

Bungalow in double occupancy: 35€ per rider - per day
Bungalow in triple occupancy: 30€ per rider - per day
* Please be aware that we have a limited number of bungalows for triple occupancy!

For Reservations email:


Around 20 degrees C, perfeclty flat water in the lagoon.


Side shore, NE, between 16 and 25 knots average at this period of the year.


Event Scheudle Dakhla 2013


The Kiteboarding World Cup Dakhla , returns in 2013 to the PKRA World Tour as the inaugural event of the year.  This amazing kiteboarding paradise is becoming a classic in the PKRA World Tour, and for 2013 will be hosting the Freestyle World Cup Discipline at the Dakhla Attitude Camp Lagoon, known for its steady strong winds and flat water, which make it a pristine freestyle location. The expectation will be at its highest in Dakhla when all the freestyle riders come back to competition from the off season training. The question on everyone’s mind is who will win the first event of the year.
 In addition Dakhla will offer a PKRA wave event as a second discipline at the Dakhla town wave spot, know for its long perfect right hand brake.  The wave event is open to all wave riders in the world, and during this time of the year the probability of getting good waves and wind are great, which make it the perfect opportunity for all riders to prove their skills in the waves at the top level.

Pastor Dakhla 2011

freestyle Dakhla