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Pingtan Kiteboarding World Cup

LOCATION : Pingtan Island, China
REGISTRATION : Online registration fee for this event is $130 and it is due by Oct-15-2013. Late registration or onsite registration will incurr a $20 late fee.

New Riders create your logging HERE

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Pingtan Kiteboarding Association

PRIZE MONEY : $80000
DATES : Oct-22-2013 --- Oct-27-2013

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TOUR DISCIPLINES : Freestyle, Slalom

There are two airports to flight to. One is Fuzhou Changle Airport FOC There will be free shuttles from this airport to the hotel and for this we will be needing everyones arrival information into Fuzhou.  Send and email with your arrival information to:  The Shuttle Fuzhou Airport to the hotel in Pigntan shuttle exchedule will be as follows:


Oct 20 Oct 21
Fuzhou Airport to Pingtan

12:30 Hrs

12:20 Hrs
Fuzhou Airport to Pingtan 14:30 Hrs 14:30 Hrs
Fuzhou Airport to Pingtan 16:30 Hrs 16:30 Hrs
Fuzhou Airport to Pingtan 19:00 Hrs 19:00 Hrs
Fuzhou Airport to Pingtan 21:30 Hrs 21:30 Hrs
Fuzhou Airport to Pingtan 23:30 Hrs 23:30 hrs

If your flight is too late you may take a taxi from Fuzhou airport to Pingtan (approximately 300RMB)

Xiamen Gaoqi Airport:

The second Airport to fly to is: Xiamen Gaoqi Airport.  For the riders arriving at this airport, then go to Xiamen Kiteboarding Association by taxi, there will be one free shuttle on October 21 at 12:00 Hrs in Xiamen Kiteboarding Association.


IMPORTANT: Most countries require a visa for traveling into China. The organizers have recommended that everyone attending the event should apply for a tourism visa at their local Chinese consulate or Embassy. To get the invitation letter you will be needing at the consulate or embassy please write to: Max Liao:


The official hotel is: Pingtan Dragon Phoenix Hotel Resorts  A new hotel close to the event site. The Hotel will be free to all competitors in a double share room with another rider. Mr. Max Liao
The Hotel will be free to all competitors from October 21 to October 28 who will handle your invitation letter will be also handeling the hotel reservations. Please write to him with your arrival and departure dates.


Side Onshore, chopy water with a few kickers.

The qualities of the sea water as well as the sand also rank among the highest in China.


Has the best wind conditions in China ( average annual wind power reaches at 20 knots).
Wind strength may reach 20 - 35 Knots during the competition.


Event Schedule Pingtan 2013


Pingtan, the fifth largest island in China lies just off Fujians coastline 120 km from Fuzhou, 200km from Xiamen and 160 km from Taiwan. Given its close proximity to the latter its no surprise that it was announced a special economic zone in 2008 mainly to promote industrial development across the Straits. In addition, its 400 km long coastline, which twists and turns in an endless series of sandy bays and rocky peninsulas, was chosen by the central government to be developed in to a major tourist spot
A crucial step towards the development of the area was the construction of the Pingtan Straits Bridge. It connects the island to mainland Fujian and was completed in November 2010. The island has a total of 6 main tourist districts. Fujians largest lake, two fully developed beach resorts, 70 km of golden sand, and last but not least a sub-tropical climate with consistent winds, flat water spots and waves.

Pingtan Island is the most consisten and strongest wind spot in China and is rapidly becoming the most popular kiteboarding destination in China. The PKRA Pingtan Kiteboarding World Cup will make kiteboarding history by being the highest prize money event in the history of kiteboarding. $80,000 USD will be divided into the 4 official disciplines $55,000 for freestyle, $20,000 for Slalom,  $4,000 for Big Air, and $1,000 for the long distance Twin Tip Race. There will be a lot at stake in Pingtan making the competition fierce.

Pingtan Kitesurfing Center is located close to downtown, which makes it a convenient location for kite surf training and an attractive location for kite surf competitions.
The late development of the area has made it very convenient to reach the Kitesurfing Center. Only one and a half hours drive from Fuzhou airport and only 45 minutes from Fuqing railway station.

pingtan shop

Pingtan beach