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PKRA to create an industry platform


The PKRA (Professional Kitesurf Riders Association) world tour is starting another great year in 2011 with 14 events on five continents. The main discipline will be freestyle but will also feature 5 wave and 6 racing events as well as many other disciplines like hang time and best trick contest.

Starting this year the PKRA will become more committed to creating an industry platform that will give brands and riders more exposure to consumers and the general public.

How will this be achieved through the PKRA?

➢ Enhance the communication between the PKRA and kitesurfing brands.
➢ Providing dedicated press releases with first-hand information relating to new products, riders and competition results.
➢ Receiving feedback from the industry to improve competition formats.
➢ Proposing customizable media tools to increase product and rider coverage.

How will the PKRA implement these new objectives?

A new position will be created to manage the relationships in between the PKRA and kitesurfing brands. This position will assist brands in receiving the content that they require to promote their products and riders. The media tools that can be used are: pictures, videos and press releases. All content will be made to insure that the brands receive the product and coverage they order.

Who will be creating the content?

Antoine Jaubert a former team rider, competitor, shop owner, PKRA judge and a BS in International Business will organize communications in-between brands and the PKRA and will supply custom press releases.

Toby Bromwich the official PKRA photographer whose work has been publish in almost all Kitesurfing magazines around the world and former editor and owner of will supply the pictures.

Jeremie Lecaudey of will be creating the videos. Jeremie has been making the online and TV shows for the past 2 seasons with amazing footage.

How can brands access this content?

➢ Brands will have two options:

                  • Premium Logo placement on the PKRA website with link to the Brand.
                  • Unrestricted use of PKRA pictures for marketing, catalogue, advertising, website and more.
                  • Custom press releases can be ordered to brands specification.
                  • Custom videos can be ordered.

                 • Logo placement on PKRA website with a link to sponsors homepage.
                 • Custom press releases can be ordered.
                 • Custom videos can be ordered.

➢ Magazines will get free content.

➢ Riders will get free content for websites and blogs.

Over the years the best riders in the world have competed on the PKRA including; Martin Vari, Aaron Hadlow, Cindy Mossey, Andre Phillip, Kevin Langeree, Youri Zoon, Mark Shinn, Bruna Kajiya, Ruben Lenten and many others.

Kite companies have given a lot of support to the PKRA by sponsoring riders to come on tour and become a world champion or to showcase the talent of their riders and the potential of the gear that they use. We want to keep seeing this incredible kitesurfing talent on the World Tour, while giving brands more content to promote their products.

To inquire about this and get more information please write to