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Wave single eliminations complete day 2


It was a great day for all the wave discipline riders in Dakhla, Morocco. The wind was in full force, averaging approximately 25 knots most of the day. Riders were out on 5-7m kites ripping the immense world-class waves. Dakhla is without a doubt a great spot for wave riding, with set after set of clean waves fit for the best wave competitors in the world.

In the women’s wave riding division Kari Schibevaag (Ozone, NOR) was on fire today with her clean, aggressive riding style confirming that she’s nothing less than an outstanding wave rider. Schibevaag maintained the highest scoring wave with an average of 15.34 until the last heat of the day. Keahi De Aboitiz (Cabrinha, AUS) broke Schibevaag’s high score in the men’s wave single elimination final with an average total score of 15.64. Schibevaag went on to defeat Angela Peral (North, ESP) in the women’s final with a score of 11.05 points while Peral took second place with an overall score of 10.17 points. The fight for third place was very tight with a tie finish between Ainhoa Garcia (Airush, ESP) and Milla Ferreira (Best, BRA) with an average of 8.84 points. The tie was broke due to a higher scored wave by Garcia earning her third place while Ferreira takes fourth.

The men wave riders were all out to take first place, however only the best wave rider of the day would be able to earn the wave single elimination title. Australian rider, Keahi De Aboitiz (Cabrinha AUS) was the man on top today finishing in first place today with a score of 15.64 points. His best wave was his third wave scoring an average of 8.34 points, one judge gave him a 9 which was the highest score given in the wave single elimination. Airton Cozzolino finished in second place with his swift turning style and wave cutting maneuvers while Abel Lago (RRD, ESP) maintained an overall high performance with his aggressive stylish bottom turns and smooth cut backs which enabled him to finish the wave single eliminations in third place.

Tomorrow’s mandatory skippers meeting is set for 8:00am with a 9:00am first possible start for freestyle and wave discipline to follow in the afternoon.

Men Wave Results:

1. Keahi De Aboitiz

2. Airton Cozzolino

3. Abel Lago

4. Yassine Bouceta

Women Wave Results:

1. Kari Schibevaag

2. Angela Peral

3. Ainhoa Garcia

4. Milla Ferreira



Dakhla wave elimination ladder men


Dakhla wave elimination ladder women