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PKRA 2011 in Tenerife to become a KiteMasters event


The Tenerife PKRA 2011 event will have a change of competition format.  Due to reasons beyond the event organizer’s control, the Wave discipline world cup event will be cancelled and a freestyle KiteMasters event will replace it.

The format will be Men’s KiteMasters round robin 12 and Women’s KiteMasters round robin 4. The event will be open to all riders who will have to go through trials to make it into the main event.

The event will take place in Playa del Medano, Tenerife, Spain, from August 9 -13 with registration on August 8. 
The prize money of 16.000 Euros will be divided among the top 6 men and top 3 women according to the chart below:

Prize Money Tenerife 2011

The KiteMasters will be judged taking into consideration both old school and new school tricks, rewarding the rider that can perform both tricks in the most outstanding style and fashion. Basic new school and old school tricks will be expected but not required.

The Freestyle KiteMasters will run in a Round Robin elimination format with 12 participating male riders divided into two groups of 6 riders. The 6 riders of each group will compete in men to men heats 5 times and will compete against all riders in the group.

Two judges will score the heats with a point system, each choosing a winner or a looser. Therefore each rider will get 2 points for winning each heat (both judges giving it to the winner), 1 point for tying (each judge giving the heat to different riders), and 0 points for loosing.

Due to the difference in format, the kitemaster's event won't be counting towards the 2011 Freestyle World Tour Title.

The event will be organized by Easy Events Solutions, with the support of  Reserva Natural, Ilustre Ayutamiento Granadilla de Abona, and Turismo Granadilla de Abona.


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