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Upcoming Events with the PKRA



Just weeks away from one of the most exciting tour stops yet for 2012, the O’Neill Kiteboard World Cup looks to make history as Holland hosts the PKRA tour for the first time ever. In what is sure to be one of the most gripping and intense events this year, competitors will experience the dynamic conditions of wind and water against the backdrop of city lights and historic architecture. Boasting vibrant culture, scenic surroundings, and some of the best kite-able conditions in Europe – it is no wonder so many remarkable professional kiteboarders such as Kevin Langeree, Katja Roose, and Youri Zoon, call this place home. 

For the 2012 O’Neill Kiteboard World Cup, €52,000 is ripe for the taking, as freestyle and racing competitors will battle it out for top podium placements.  Considering the PKRA has never come to Holland until now, the event’s winners will go down in history as the first ever champions of this event.  And while local favorites such as Langeree, Zoon, and Johnno Sholte, will certainly draw a crowd, other top riders including Alex Pastor, Alberto Rondina, John Heineken, and Gisela Pulido will surely gain the adoration of online and beachside spectators. 

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Next up on tour, the PKRA will take part in the Gold Games, held in Hyeres, France. Featuring racing and a freestyle kite-masters, this event also stands out as the first of its kind in this specific location.  With wind of up to 35 knots expected for the week of May 23rd, competitors will likely get a taste of the best this area has to offer, while also competing alongside other extreme sports such as motocross freestyle and a vertical roller, skate, and BMX, challenge. 

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Adicora, Venezuela will play host for the sixth tour stop of 2012, with racers and freestylers putting forth their best efforts to earn top positions and a piece of the $47,000 available in prize money.  Running from June 13th through 17th, the Copa Mundial de Kitesurf Adicora will provide flat inside conditions and warm waters, with consistently strong winds and perfect kite-able conditions. PKRA competitors will most certainly look forward to this warm and exotic Caribbean event, taking advantage of the favorable weather and lush scenery. 

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Viewers not able to make it to the events in person will be able to tune in live and watch the action from anywhere in the world. Whether interested in racing, freestyle, special interviews, or inside looks at the riders and behind the scenes insights, online viewers will gain access to all the happenings with commentator Dave Tyburski and others. 

Another notable addition to the coming tour stops will be the unveiling of the fully-functioning live scoring system integrated with the live webcast – beginning in Holland. This means that for the first time ever, online viewers will get to see scores for freestyle maneuvers as they happen in real time.  These events are expected to draw thousands of online viewers, as well as thousands of beachside spectators- making the coming events some of the most watched events in kiteboarding’s history.