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Day 3 - The PKRA Plays at the Bosphorus


A break for the competitors of the Burn Kiteboard World Tour was had today at the incredible and beautiful site - Bosphorus - where the continents of Asia and Europe divide. Known not only for its heavy boat traffic and influence on regional commerce, the Bosphorus also retains reliable winds on most days, making it a perfect, yet usually off-limits location for kiteboarding.  Today; however, was different, and as Adam Koch so simply stated, “It was really amazing of them to allow us to hold this event here.” For some, especially the local riders, it was a dream come true. Boat traffic was temporary halted – major freighters but on standby - as both racers and freestylers got a chance to kite this continental boundary.

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Impressive as well was the venue from which spectators watched. An entire village was created for this special event that boasted a huge snowboard ramp that sent boarders into the water, a skate ramp, and an exclusive lounge and VIP area, among other features. A unique highlight of the day – the Flyboard – sent a few willing participants jetting into the air, over the water, propelling them through the river like science fiction super heroes.  The most willing and successful volunteer, Kevin Langeree, showed off his skills, displaying his quick learning curve and superior abilities of balance and concentration as he smiled his way through the surreal experience.

Day three was also marked with many laughs, friendly Turkish hospitality, and happy competitors, who were grateful for this day of relaxation and lighthearted fun.  Tomorrow, racing and freestyle will return, as wind is likely to blow from 9-19 knots. As usual, stay tuned via Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates and announcements.

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