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New Media Director on the PKRA


In 2013 a new media director will join the PKRA.  Jacqueline Lage did such a great job in 2012 that she was recruited by a start up in California; we wish her the best in her new endeavors. Antoine Jaubert will be the media director for the 2013 season; he will also keep his position as a fix judge on the PKRA and will attend all the events.

jac   antoine

Antoine has been involved in the kitesurfing industry since the beginning. He started kitesurfing in 1999 and competing in 2002 on the world tour, the Red bull events, and many local events.  In 2006 he started a kitesurfing school and shop in Puerto Rico and judging on the PKRA, in 2008 he became a full time judge on the tour. 

Antoine Graduated from the College of Charleston, SC in 2001 with a BS in International Business and a BA in Literature. In 2009 he finished nursing school at the Inter Americana University in Puerto Rico.

antoine wake

The responsibilities of the media director is to make sure that pictures, videos, press releases and social media’s get maximum coverage throughout the world and that the information is accurate and informative.  Antoine will write articles and promote all PKRA riders and events. 

“My goal in 2013 is to showcase the riders and PKRA events throughout the world.  These are the most progressive and talent riders in the world; they come on tour to compete but also to travel and experience life on tour.  My job is to get the pictures, videos, interviews and results out to the world.”

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