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A more relaxed and fun-filled morning greeted the fourth day of the Teri Kite Pro 2009 after three straight days of intense action here in Noumea, New Caledonia. The wind was very light but the temperature was very much the same as in the past few days.

PKRA Events director Olaf Van Tol tried to organize a BorderCross as a fun event but only a few people entered as many of the athletes decided to take advantage of the situation to enjoy what New Caledonia has to offer. As a result, Van Tol decided to wrap up the day early at 3:00 pm.

Most of the competitors either went sight-seeing, stand-up paddle boarding or went out on the water for some kiting while the others chose to chill-out and relaxed. Sebastien Garat and Kevin Langeree also went out kiting for a photo shoot at sunset.A band played for the crowd at the event area while a beauty pageant was also held where Miss Teri was crowned at around 6:00 in the evening.

Sunday is the official awards ceremony on the beach for the winners of the event and everyone is looking forward to it.
Teri Kite Pro 2009 – the last Tour stop of the 2009 PKRA World Tour is organized by the Kiteboarding League of New Caledonia, LVLNC with official partners Orangina, Ramada Plaza, Nissan, Teri and SeaDoo with special support from NRJ, Air France, RFO Nouvelle Caledonie and Total.

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