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2010 PKRA Riders' Committee Elections


The results from the elections choosing the members of the 2010 PKRA Riders committee are out. The 3 members representing the riders in 2010 will be Bruna Kajiya, Alex Pastor and Kevin Langeree.  The 3 of them have an enormous amount of competition experience and will represent the competitors’ point of view at the IKA freestyle rules subcommittee. The purpose of the IKA Freestyle Rules Subcommittee is to continue to develop the freestyle competition rules with the input of a well balance committee, and not exclusively with the competitors input as it was done in the past.


The results of the elections means, the current members of the IKA freestyle rules subcommittee are Bruna Kajiya, Alex Pastor, Kevin Langeree (the 3 PKRA elected riders), Mauricio Toscano (PKRA tour Manger), Pedro Marcos (PKRA international judge from Portugal), Caroline Duby (PKRA international judge from France)  Ian Young (experienced judge and race director from Australia) , and Martyn Hogg (experience British Kiteboard Tour competitor).

Over the next few weeks, the ongoing talks that started last November about rules changes and additions, will resume, and we expect to have the 2010 freestyle rules finalized by February 15th. These rules will be standard not only for PKRA World Tour events, but for all IKA national and continental events as well.  These will be a great accomplishment on standardizing competition rules all over the world.