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Top riders from 12 nationalities register for the second 2010 PKRA World Tour event


Leucate, France, April 10th, 2010. Yesterday was the backdrop for what will be yet another successful event for the PKRA World Cup 2010 Tour Season. Riders from all around the world made their way to Leucate, France to register for their chance to get in on all the hottest kiteboarding world tour action.

World Class riders from numerous different nationalities made their way to the beach in La Franqui, France yesterday to register for their spot on the water. Brazilian riders, Reno Romeu, Tomas Teixeira and also the 2009 World Freestyle Women’s Champion, Bruna Kajiya were present. Ariel Corniel and Alex Soto from the Dominican Republic, Jesse Richman from the United States, Andy Yates from Australia, Spanish riders such as Alex Pastor, Cesar Portas as well as the stunning Angela Peral were amongst some of the top famous names on the registration sheets. Men’s freestyle world champion Kevin Langeree sneaked his way to the front of the registration line in hopes of getting a Mondial du Vent water thermos and of course the O’Neill t-shirts with his picture printed on the back. Numerous local riders from France registered as well European riders from throughout Europe such as Austria, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands to name a few.

The Mondial du Vent has been part of the PKRA world tour lineup for the past consecutive 12 years and will continue to invest their support in our team. It is the biggest kiteboarding and windsurfing event in all France, in addition is the oldest ongoing kiteboarding event in the world with their debut in 1998.

The PKRA has kicked off a very powerful competition season for 2010 in Hua Hin, Thailand last month and will continue to run smooth, highly organized and successful competitions for all the years to come.

The Mondial du Vent is sponsored in part by O’Neill, Orange, Volkswagen, RMC, Orangina, and tourism Leucate.