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Day 1 - Light Conditions in Southern France


Light wind characterized the first day of the Gold Games in Hyeres, France, at the Plage De L’Almanarre. Beginning at 10am, competitors gathered for the first possible signs of wind and suitable conditions. The breeze did begin to pick up slightly throughout the day, giving riders the hope they needed to begin pumping up their kites and readying their gear. 

hyeres beach

Unfortunately, while the race nearly began at 2:45, the winds died once again – forcing the race director to cancel its start. Even though the winds did not provide conditions suitable for racing or freestyle on this day, competitors and beachgoers still enjoyed the beautiful day in the south of France. With the water clear, the temperature warm, and the view quite impressive, most people considered themselves lucky to be in such a stunning place. 

racers hyeres

For the week ahead, the wind forecast looks light; however, it should provide enough breeze for racing and freestyle disciplines to take place. In the meantime, competitors will look forward to the Gold Game festivities and many things to do here in Hyeres, France. 

nocher hyeres




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