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Rik Haenen

Nationality : Netherlands  

Date of Birth : -00-0000

Nickname :

Years Kiteboarding : 16 years

Website :

Twitter :

Facebook :

Kite Sponsor : No Sponsor

Favorite Kite : RPM 7m

Favorite Board :

Other Sponsors : Lieuwe Boards

Favorite Spot : Zandmotor

Favorite Move : S-Bend 3

I kite since the beginning of time, which started around 1999. This started with my c-quad on a windsurfing board which was still smaller. Since 2007 I'm at Spin boardsports, where I met other kiters and started my progression. Since then I try to push my limits and continuous learning. Better tricks I settled in the winter and I wakeboard in the summer to stay. TOPSHAPE in This Gym


I have a Bachelor International Marketing Management is currently done and I follow the Master in Marketing Management Tilbrug and doing an internship at Unilever. Besides my advanced studies, I try to stand. Every free moment on the water Because my group of friends and I live in Utrecht, we are very central and we arranged to different spots and we met a large group of kite friends. This also partly by visiting events, organizing the nskkite, trips to South Africa and our enthusiasm. Here I am not finished yet and I want to make more fat trips. Oh, most of it will be Ijmuiden and the Sand Engine.


In many spots, I am one of the better and I can say that I, like others before me have an example. Super awesome course! Anyway, I have a lot of super fun in kiting and I can not wait until I get back. Fun in the kiting is the main natural and that I have! More progress, more flat water, fun spots and trips with friends.


My style is technically and I often try different combos like sbend (3) with blind judge afterwards etc, it is best if I'm all out of breath. I freestyle until I'm really overpowered, and then start to walk. I sail with enthusiasm and say hello to everyone prefers, would be nice if everyone would.


Last 2 NK's I took, this was however only one round. Matches I find not only great fun by the wait and the stress of only a moment. My goal is to make where people like to watch movies. I do want the NSKK and the PKRA Germany do it, but this is more for fun.


Ranking in 2014
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Past Years
Event Name Discipline   Position     Points  
The Beetle Kitesurf World Cup 2013 2013 Freestyle 38 350