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Santiago Ramirez

Nationality : Mexico  

Date of Birth : Nov-25-1987

Nickname :

Years Kiteboarding : 12 years

Website :

Twitter :

Facebook :

Kite Sponsor : No Sponsor

Favorite Kite : NORTH DYNO

Favorite Board : P. ROMERO SHAPES (190 x 70)

Other Sponsors : Gdl Kiteboarding


Favorite Move : TANTRUM

Born in Mexico with a big sailing backround, i discovered kiteboarding after spending more than 5 years in international Optimist, laser and hobbie cat sailing. And simply loved it since the first time i stood up on a board.  Been kiting since 2003 and recently got into racing!! Racing is what i missed about my sailing years. So now i have plenty of knowledge and tactics that are paying of in the course racing.


Ranking in 2014
Event Name Discipline   Position     Points  
No results for this rider
Past Years
Event Name Discipline   Position     Points  
MINI Kiteboard World Cup 2013 Slalom 5 650
MINI Kiteboard World Tour 2012 Race 15 243