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Andy Yates

Nationality : Australia  

Date of Birth : Oct-03-1990

Nickname : Angy

Years Kiteboarding : 9 years

Website :

Twitter :

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Kite Sponsor : Slingshot

Favorite Kite : Slingshot Fuel

Favorite Board : Slingshot Lunacy

Other Sponsors : Xcel, Dakine

Favorite Spot : Caloundra Rivermouth - Home

Favorite Move : Anything done well, particularly doubles landing blind

Andy Yates was born on the Sunshine Coast, a surfer’s playground, and naturally became a surfer at the early age of 7. “My favorite place to surf was out the front of my house on an open beach break where there were groups of kiteboarders who frequently did down winders past me. The sport of kiteboarding always intrigued me solely because the thought of controlling a kite to power you on a board seemed so revolutionary. I watched the kiters very intently as they passed. I wanted to do what they did.”

When Andy turned 15 he bought his first kite and started to practice every day. Soon his kiteboarding took over his surfing, focusing on freestyle and very quickly progressing to competing in the nationals. As he began traveling around the world, his professional career took off, finding sponsors, meeting the best riders in the world and experiencing riding at the top world spots.
Andy joined the PKRA in 2008 and came to a few events to measure his level against the best riders in the world. The next year he reached his goal and got into the top 5.

“After a great 2009 season, my goal that I set right at the start 2010 was to finish in the top 3 for the year(…) Coming into the year, I hadn’t yet beaten the top guys in a heat. The first event for the year was in Thailand and I went straight to the final after beating Kevin Langeree in one of my heats. It was at this event when I realized that I was able to beat all the guys I had looked up to in the years before. Where in previous heats I was nervous against them, I now went into them feeling confident, for I knew I could ride well and easily beat them. This event gave me so much confidence and set me up for a great year.”

Encouraged by his family and friends on tour, Andy stayed consistent throughout the year and his growing confidence in his riding allowed him to hold on to the number one position and become the 2010 World Champion. Now that he has achieved his dream Andy wants to be a multiple world champion like his mentor Aaron Hadlow, 5 times world champion to date.


Ranking in 2014
Event Name Discipline   Position     Points  
No results for this rider
Past Years
Event Name Discipline   Position     Points  
Mondial Du Vent 2011 2011 Freestyle 17 440
Dakhla Kiteboarding World cup 2011 2011 Freestyle 2 885
HUA HIN KITEBOARIDNG WORLD CUP 2011 2011 Freestyle 7 585
PKRA World Tour Australia 2010 – Gold Coast 2010 Freestyle 2 885
Teri Kite Pro 2010 2010 Freestyle 1 1000
Kitesurf World Cup Bariloche Argentina 2010 Freestyle 2 885
Kiteboarding World Cup 2010 Tenerife - Freestyle 2010 Freestyle 2 554
Palmolive Kitesurf World Cup 2010 – St. Peter Ording 2010 Freestyle 2 885
Essaouira Kiteboard World Cup 2010 Freestyle 4 444
Cabarete World Cup 2010 2010 Freestyle 9 464
Mondial Du Vent 2010 2010 Freestyle 1 1000
Teri Kite Pro 2009 2009 Freestyle 6 610
Palmolive for Men Kitesurf World Cup 2009 2009 Freestyle 4 710
Fuerteventura PKRA Kiteboarding Grand Slam 2009 2009 Freestyle 6 458
MONDIAL DU VENT 2009 2009 Freestyle 9 530
MOVISTAR KITEBOARD WORLD CUP 2008 - Chile 2008 Freestyle 13 485
Kite-Extreme Brazil 2008 2008 Freestyle 17 440
2008 FESTIVAL OF THE WIND 2008 Freestyle 6 610
MOVISTAR NISSAN KITE PRO 2008 2008 Freestyle 13 485
Cabarete World Cup 2008 2008 Freestyle 9 530